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  1. Eat Your Heart Out Catering has received numerous awards including Bride’s and Couple’s Choice on Wedding Wire and Gold for Best Caterer in Cape Cod Life Magazine.
  2. Eat Your Heart Out is a full-service catering company with forty years of experience. We use locally produced, seasonal fresh food and produce for our events. Chef/Owner Monica Grinnell also trained as an interior designer, skills she puts to use integrating cuisine, settings, and decor.
  3. If someone tells you to eat your heart out, they are saying they are better than you at something.
  4. eat your heart out 1 suffer from excessive longing, especially for someone or something unattainable. 2 used to indicate that you think someone will feel great jealousy or regret about something. 2 Christina Reid Clowns Wait'll you see my new frock.
  5. Sep 13,  · From the 16th century "to eat one's own heart" (to suffer in silence from anguish or grief), possibly from the Bible "to eat one's own flesh" (to be lazy) The phrase "to eat one's heart out" appears as a formulaic phrase in the Iliad, meaning to experience extreme grief.
  6. eat your heart out definition: If you say "eat your heart out" followed by the name of a famous person, you are joking that you. Learn more.
  7. A declaration, often exaggerated, joking and boastful, of being better than another person, the aforementioned often being a celebrity or historical figure.
  8. Eat Your Heart Out offers a delicious, locally sourced cuisine that’s meant to be enjoyed with your hands! We pride ourselves on providing excellent food, outstanding service, and a fully customized menu that is sure to meet any event catering needs!
  9. But the true shining factor of why Eat Your Heart Out has repeat customers is just like what other Yelpers have stated: they treat you like family. Seriously top notch, genuinely kind customer service a trait that many businesses are lacking in this day and age/5().

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