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  1. Nightfall is the second studio album by the Swedish doom metal band Candlemass, released on 9 November through Axis Records. After being dropped from the label Black Dragon Records, Candlemass were the first band signed to adrierdredironcrusherkeswyn.info: Doom metal.
  2. Nightfall, a graphic novel by Scott O. Brown; Music. Nightfall (band), a Greek heavy metal band; Nightfall (Candlemass album), ; Nightfall (Louis Hayes album), ; Nightfall (Charlie Haden album), "Nightfall", a song by Amorphis from Tuonela "Nightfall", a song by Blind Guardian from Nightfall in Middle-Earth.
  3. Metal Covenant locked in an appointment with original member and rhythm guitarist Mappe Björkman of legendary doom outfit Candlemass on the day before their show at Sweden Rock. Since they have no new record out and have decided to play their second effort, Nightfall, in its entirety a couple of times during our conversation quite naturally took off in the direction of that monumental album.
  4. You really have become quite disillusioned over the years. I guess this is evident with the overarching theme on King Of The Grey Islands. This explains the song titles and abstract words for Dactylis Glomerata and The 13th Sun. I first discovered Candlemass when I bought the tape of Nightfall at a local record store.
  5. Invoking “The hills of Tyburn, up where the gallows stand”, the site is commemorated in the song ‘At The Gallows End’ by Candlemass on their second album, Nightfall, released in Not only does it hold a candle to Iron Maiden’s awaiting-execution classic ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’, it sends it up in flames.

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