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  1. A mega-hit, but for good reason – as the record brought sophistication back to chart soul at the end of the 80s – proof that well-done, deeply-voiced records could still beat the schmaltz of the geri-curl generation!Anita's working here in territory that draws from the classics, but is certainly all her own – a space between jazz and soul that was hardly ever handled this well by other.
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  3. A headphone like the Sennheiser HD, a notoriously bass-shy mega-‘phone, isn’t going to be transformed into the gloriously abyssal Abyss, at least, not when run through the Egoista 2A3. But! Planar magnetic headphones, especially ones as fast as the HE, will still over-perform your bass expectations with the Viva Audio amp.
  4. But it’s the effortless precision of this mix that’s perhaps most impressive, not to mention its wonderful sense of atmospherics. In Chapter 7, as Rey picks up her lightsaber in the island environment of Ahch-To, listen as the sound of sea, waves, wind, and Porg calls filter in softly from all around, with an impressively open and airy quality.
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  6. Apr 20,  · This album is an excellent compilation and "bird's-eye" view into the Skyywalker camp in the early days of the Miami/Ghetto Bass movement. One thing that always baffled me is that the cassette version that I have does not contain the Skyywalker Allstars "It's Christmas" even though it's listed on the liner (but strangely not on the cassette itself).5/5(1).
  7. skyywalker's bass waves mega mixes - mega mix 1 (luke skyywalker 12") matt black & the coldcut crew - the music maker (ahead of our time 12") just give the dj a break (dynamix 12") beat junkies - scratch monopoly pt ii (bomb hip hop records lp) Look at this amazing screengrab from the Celestia beta. It shows the orbit of Cassini.

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